News: Startups need investment and international access more than ever

We made three investments and welcome these 3 teams to DART:

Apelab with Zoe, a remote learning platform with AR/VR creation tools for the virtual classroom






Xsensio – a wearable biosensor that offers unique health insight through continuous and real-time analysis of biomarkers in sweat

FluidSolids – a 100% home-compostable biocomposite made from organic waste to replace traditional petrol-based plastic


Especially in these difficult times startups and investors have to be agile, work as a team, and adapt to new challenges like remote fundraising, virtual demos and remote collaboration. DART Labs invests not only money but also time, expertise and the connections that can be more difficult to come by in these times. Our incubator program is designed to fit the individual needs of each startup.

We are planning more early-stage investments within the next few months, so please reach out to us if you are looking for funding and support for your startup. And with a few bold private investors already on board, we are seeking additional like-minded investors who wish to play an active role in the long-term success of our startups.

These founders impressed us by not only by demonstrating the scalability of these emerging technologies but also the positive impact they are generating. We look at technologies like Augmented- and Virtual Reality, Spatial Computing, Blockchain, Brain-Computer Interface, Artificial Intelligence, Sensors or Robotics, just to name a few” Arijana Walcott.

“We are no traditional venture capitalists. It is clear to us that the best companies are built by diverse and radically interdisciplinary teams.  It is important to us to bring different perspectives together, especially when we are designing the next human-machine interfaces,” adds Sophie Lamparter.

In order to scale, Andrej Kostresevic joined as a partner, a serial US tech entrepreneur and angel investor, as a way to strengthen their US market entry skills, as well as tech and investment expertise. Andrej Kostresevic, based in Miami, says: “The opportunity to create an investment arm was clear from the very beginning – between the unique high-quality Swiss dealflow, the value created for these startups through DART’s US network, and the market validation and de-risking through the Testing Lab, all of the components were there.”



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