Nomoko Podcast – Innovation Culture: USA vs. Switzerland with Arijana Walcott

DART Labs Co-Founder Arijana Walcott and Bara Calda, Host of the Nomoko Podcast, talk about the US innovation culture and how it compares to the Switzerland startup ecosystem. They also touch topics such as risk taking, the fear of failure and why it is important to face global competition.

Min 1:30 Arijana introduces her Dart Labs
Min 4:10 How do we define startups today?
Min 6:05 Culture and vision in the US compared to Switzerland
Min 11:04 Pitching a vision in the US vs. in Switzerland, how do people react?
Min 14:50 Arijana tells us about the time she quit her job, how it was perceived and the difference between corporate and startups
Min 17:14 The perception of failure in the US and in Switzerland
Min 21:40 The fear of failure and the emergence of entrepreneurship during hard times
Min 24:15 Successful founders starting from the bottom with little resources
Min 26:45 Giving up some shares to grow faster, delegating tasks to the right people
Min 29:10 Competition is part of the journey


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